Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I have something to say

I am already sick and tired of the pro and con gun propaganda that is sweeping our nation. On December 14, 2012 twenty six children and adults lost their lives to a crazy young man. Sadly, we may never know why he did this. 

My facebook page is filled with gun control issues. I have seen quotes by those who say the children got the best Christmas gift ever, meeting Jesus. We have the Westboro idiots thanking God for his judgement, but all I can think about is those families. 

Having buried a child a Christmas, I can assure you they probably would rather have their child then hear about how exciting it is their dead child is at Jesus' birthday party. My guess is they want to hear their laugh, see their smile, hug them once again. As they lower their child in the ground they are probably not thinking about gun control but are feeling their hearts, their lives, their very beings breaking into a million little pieces.

I am not saying gun control issues, school safety issues etc...dont need to be addressed. But as a nation can we please for once, not make it an issue just yet and simply love these families. Can we stand beside them, pray for them, bow our heads just for a moment in grief and not use this opportunity to fuel our new lastest agenda??

I already know the answer, but just once it would be nice if people came first. If love came first....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Our duplex, isn't so small, was built in 1972...the same year I was born.  Sigh!  I don't think the place has been updated since.  Maybe a few things here or there, but mostly not.  Thankfully, it came with a few modern conveniences of its time.  The gas fireplace is nice but we have to buy a key to use it.  However, the intercom system has been a joy.  And fun.

The first time Jacob was in the house, we thought we would have to ban the intercom because he was singing in it and driving us all crazy.  It is not the best in the world but it still works in the rooms and plays the radio throughout which is a nice way to pipe music through out the house and wake everyone up.  Simply because I am mean like that!

Today I am painting the kitchen to help update its look but the one thing that will not change is the intercom/radio, which shhh don't tell also has a knob where I can listen and see what is going on in all the rooms.  Pretty nifty!!

So before I crank up the volume, which means my daughter will have to get out of bed and turn her's down because it freaks out her rats...I thought I would jot a few thoughts on our little system and share a pic of it.  Not to worry the wall around it will soon be a nice red.

It reminds me of the Brady Bunch! LOL

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A jump at life

There is something to be said about watching Felix Baumgartner take that first step out into the wild blue yonder, with Earth just a fuzzy image of blue and greens below him.  I have to confess it made me catch my breath a bit.  We watched as a family as he free falled down to Earth and then watched as he righted himself and opened his shoot.  We were amazed at how perfect his touchdown (not sure if that is the correct terminology) and he just walked a few steps before dropping to the ground.  The whole 5+minutes of the fall were amazing.

But then I had to stop and think.  The man just fell 23 miles from the sky.  His family watching, the world watching.  And he just did it.  Yes, he had a few set backs, weather, equipment etc..  I can only imagine the weight of the world he felt as he fell.  It was a big step...not only for himself, but also for the people of this world. 

He chased his dreams.  Not granted my dreams are not to plument 23 miles with only some material slowing me to a stop on the Earth.  But I do have dreams.  A lot of them.  And the thing about achieving your dreams is...it is not always easy.  There are set backs.  People watching.  Some people hoping for the bad and some rooting you on for the good.  Now granted, being grounded here on Earth does provide a bit of a safety net and none of my dreams are actually life threatening, but still they are a big step and require me to step out on simple belief that I will succeed. 

I have to ask myself, am I willing to just step?  Just to take off, take that step and start falling towards to my goal.  I am.  So thank you Felix for giving me a bit of hope and motivation I needed today.  I may not be making a big as step as you did 23 miles above Earth, but still in my world, they might as well be.  So Felix while you celebrate with family and friends this afternoon.  I will be working on jotting down my goals and working on meeting them head on.  I may not be jumping as you did, but am taking a big jump in my personal life.  Thank you Felix and godspeed.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Some times life isn't fair

Well I always enjoy a good curve ball that life throws my way, but sometimes, they are just aren't that great! I have spoken about this because to be honest I was really upset.  I mean, REALLY.  And if you know me, you will know I am not one to get that upset about stuff.  I mean, I may have a tantrum or two, but to feel borderline depressed is just not my thing.  But here it is in a nutshell.  We moved.

So much for the big pretty house.  Sigh.
She sold it.  We were to live there while repairing Mr. Looks Good in Wrangler's credit.  Then have the option to buy.  It was to be our forever home.  So apparently forever was really quick!  Three months.  I hadn't even finished UNpacking from that move. 

So we went house hunting.  Finding NOTHING!!  We did find a duplex with really sweet landlords.  And we have our lease in hand (a problem we had with the nice house lady) I haven't lived in a duplex in ages (okay so like 20yrs) 

The kids call it a cave.  We only have four windows.  The garage is in the front (hey I still have a garage) and the front door is to the side of the garage.  The two bedrooms upstairs each have a window.  Weird going from a house full of windows to only four. 

For all intents and purposes, this house serves us better.  The living room is HUGE.  We still have a fireplace.  I think every place in Lubbock has a fireplace.  We have a large dinning room and the best... a HUGE kitchen.  REALLY huge kitchen.  Trust me, I am VERY happy about the huge kitchen.  The other one bugged me!  We have two large bedrooms upstairs and two bathrooms.  And one VERY large finished basement with a closet downstairs.  The boys (all three) sleep down there. 

The place is dated.  Built in 1972 and I don't think it was EVER updated!!  Some kind of funky cloth wallpaper that refuses to be removed.  Brown carpet (barf) and marble looking with gold glitter cabinets in the bathroom.  The landlords are VERY willing to let us do work here and take it off the rent.  Speaking of, we now pay less so that is a huge help. 

My first project is the kitchen.  I will take before and after pics as I work on the house.  But first I need to finish unpacking.  I am determined to NOT leave boxes in the garage.  And thankfully I am almost done!

While we were looking we could not find anything.  Of course the day I sign the lease, we see places pop up everywhere.  Sigh! 

I threw myself a nice pity party, but decided it wasn't worth it.  I lived in a nice house and realized that house, although nice, had its flaws.  Practically white carpet and kitchen.  No grass in the back yard.  And weirdly, Mr Looks Good in Wranglers NEVER felt at home there.  Here, he does.  He seems so much happier with this place.  I am enjoying the lower amount of maintance and I know I will live in a "nice" house again.  But until then I will take what I am given and make lemonaid (with a splash of vodaka.)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mo' Living

First and foremost I know it has been a bit since I have blogged, but sadly the computer keeled over and I had to send it in.  Thankfully Michael and Best Buy took care of us and little Samsung laptop is back in the Jimerson-Conner estates.

So with that said I have two blogs to post, but I won't do them both today! Aren't you happy???  This one is the most important (to me anyway) so I am starting with it, then will do the other one later.  (its about my bed!!)

So here is the deal, the low-down, the whats shaking.....a year ago on September 1st a good friend of mine was killed in a motorcycle wreck.  I didn't find out until the 14th of September.  I was heartbroken, crushed....I spent the day bawling.  I also bought a fish named Mo who later was found dead (this past May) in the air filter.  I should have been a better friend to her.  She was a dear to me.  She would call, chat, text funny things.  I still miss her.  A LOT!  Her name was Modena Dollison.  Mo for short.  Which is why the fish was named Mo. 

So onto this year.  I have a lot going on in my life. Feeling a bit out of control and not grounded.  I REALLY hate this feeling.  One of things I know to be a factor is my weight.  It's not like any big secret I am a big gal.  I buy my clothes, look in the mirror..I know what size I am and how big my thighs are, my butt is and yes even my boobs (even though having big boobs is awesome and I get free beer..but that is a different story! LOL) So don't act shocked when I acknowledge I am a fat girl.  Medically speaking, I am morbidly obese.  Doesn't that sound pretty?  I am pretty sure they took the two most horribly sounding words and stuck them together so fat people would feel shamed for being fat.  I am not fluffy or thick....I am fat.  There is no other way around it.  Pretty words does not make the stuff jiggling off my body any prettier nor does it make those pant sizes any smaller.  No Rue 21 for this gal.  (I am not even sure at 40yrs old I am allowed to shop in there! Lol) 

Almost 5yrs ago I lost 80lbs.  That is a big number.  I was so proud of myself.  I felt great.  I felt amazing actually.  I could bend my knees.  I could get on and off the floor  I could live and breath.  I was still overweight but getting that much off of me made a huge difference.  I was also that size when Mr Looks Good in Wranglers met me.  I PROMISED him I would never be this size again (a size he never knew me at)  and yet here I am...just 20lbs away from that weight I promised him I would never be again (when he saw the pics) but worse, I had promised MYSELF I would never be here. 

So yesterday, on the one year anniv. of my learning of Modena's passing, I have started my "Mo' living" program.  Simply put, I want to live more, feel better and heck....look better.  No body whistles hey baby to a fat girl...

I downloaded the loseit app.  loseit.com  If you want to be my friend on there I am under robertandvictoriajimerson@gmail.com  I went to the gym and walked and did better than I expected and I am off to do the same thing today.  I feel good after walking.  Amazing how that effects you so quickly!

So just so you know there will be weight loss posts on here.  But still my opinions, my humor, my thoughts and my crafts.....

So the Mo Living Goals:

1.  Be a Wal-Mart (Save money. Live Better.)  this means more eating in and hey, who know not only saves me money but is healthier for me!!
2.  Drop a skinny person.  I want to loose 100lbs in 1 year.  That is about 2lbs a week.  Small steps, small bites.  I got this.  I am just looking at the 2.....not the 100.  That is a big number and I don't like big numbers. 
3. Hang myself out to dry--I am going to post on here so may be SOME ONE might be inspired or better yet be my cheerleader and help me win this!

I may add more goals, but for right now...those are plenty enough. 

Okay enough rambling...but for now, I hear my teenie shoes calling me.  They want to go walk. 

Here is a picture of me working out!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Things I learned on the First Day of School

For many people, especially in Texas, today is Back to School day.  Stay at home moms across the state are groaning to the sound of the alarm.  Children are decked in their new threads.  Some children can't wait to see old friends while other children (such as my son) are going into a new place and will be making new friends.  College students are learning to responsible for themselves and are having to answer their own alarm clocks.  They are not only having to locate classrooms but buildings as well on a new campus.  They are now mixed in with people from different areas of the world as well as U.S., different ethnic groups and social classes.  For many the little bubble of their world has been popped and they are now among those who are out on their own for the first time.

There are a slight few who are like myself.  We are the grown college students.  We have children to send off to school, bills to pay, books and tution to pay for--for ourselves.  We are not only getting a young one or two up for school but ourselves as well.  We are used to socializing with different people from different walks of life, but we are on new ground when going back to school.

Here is what I learned today from my first day back to school...at a new campus/college I might add, so Jacob wasn't the only one who was new. 

I learned:  I need to get up at least 15min earlier than I did today.  The school is 40min away, not 20 like Mapquest said it was.  (thankfully I actually learned this last week) Traffic was crazy for west Texas.

  I have learned four hours of sleep is not enough and Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers may have to get himself ready for the week instead of my helping in the middle of the night.  (who am I kidding--I am going to get my kiss before he leaves!)

 I have learned the buildings are actually further than they looked on their little map. 

 I have learned wearing new shoes when discovering I have to walk further than expected is NOT good.  Even though I have had the shoes for months, but just never wore them! 

 I have learned I am still probably the oldest in my class. 

 I have learned to take a snack with me because I am freaking hungry on Mondays and Wednesdays when I get out at 12:30, even if I eat half a bowl of grape nuts before I leave the house.  (Why do they call them Grape Nuts anyway??) 

 I have learned trying to use a round ceramic brush to blow dry my hair needs practice and should not be done on the first day, especially when the brush gets stuck in my hair and it takes five minutes to get out. 

I have learned my pants' zipper slides down, most likely as I step out of class and my shirt is all bunched up.  So I have to walk juggling a fancy notebook and a book bag trying to be discrete in zipping up my pants. 

 I have learned I probably shouldn't drink anything in the mornings because after hiking across campus all while trying to break in new shoes and zip up my pants and FIND the class room will not yield enough time for a bathroom break.

  I have learned the fancy notebook I spent good money on, is totally useless and will not be going back to school with me. 

 And lastly I have discovered the weight of college level texts books greatly increase the further you must carry them. 

I have learned a lot today, but the biggest thing I have learned?  Forty year old Freshmen need a nap on their first day of school.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This is what I know

Before I begin with what I know, let me tell you a bit about my day.  Currently I am leaning back in the recliner, knees bent and feet tucked snuggly into the spot between the chair and the foot rest.  Do you know what spot I am talking about?  I like to dig my heels in there with my toes up in the air.  My house is a bit cool, but it gets stuffy if I turn off the fan so I have my grey throw covering me and I am in my granny gown.  It is a very ugly, unattractive, the wrong color for me, horribly stained gown.  But---it covers me up and its comfy.  It's a gown so not like I am going to go in public with it, so ugly works for me.  When Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers is home, I dress nice for him all day long, then about dark-thirty I look at him and say, "I look sexy right?  I looked sexy all day?" He nods his head yes or grabs me for a kiss (I swoon when he does this!) Then I say (after the blood rushes back to all the right places and I am not light headed any more over the swooning), "okay going to put on my granny gown.  Just remember how hot I looked before"  He chuckles and says he will and I get comfy.  I say all of that to say....I deserve my moment this morning in my granny gown after my day yesterday.  But through my day yesterday I discovered "this is what I know"

I was up early for a phone interview.  I was awesome.  They offered me a job.  Robert told me to say no.  I sent her an email.  The hours and the pay were horrible.  The day before I had gotten so frustrated with job hunting, I drove to Midland, got my college transcript and drove home.  Was in Midland for 7 minutes.  Midland is 2hrs away.  I decided I was NOT taking off a year and just going back to school.  I am going crazy here at the house and need out!  Plus I have dreams and goals and going to school is part of those. 

Back to yesterday.  Up early, phone interview at 9a, then shower.  Suddenlink guy was due between 10-12.  After shower and getting dressed, Suddenlink guy showed up and changed out our modem.  He hung around an extra 20min listening to Lyns and J and I all talk and watch me tag J in the back with a shoe...his shoe.  (no I am not abusive.  The child is 6ft 2 and weighs 280lbs and is ONLY 14yrs old, besides we were playing around.)  So he leaves and we get Drake so we can take Drake to work.  Alex, Jacob and Lyns all ride as well.  So off we go.  We take Drake to work.  "Bye, Drake! Love you"  Drake mumbles and all is well in the world.  I needed gas so I filled up and then bought drinks.  I'm awesome like that.  We took off. 

I needed to go and take the transcript to my new college.  Mapquest said it was about 20min away and down this road.  We take off.  We laugh, we talk, we actually find the place, after driving around for a bit.  I go in.  Lines are short.  I like short lines.  I give the nice little guy my transcript. He puts it in the system.  We discover we need to go to Levelland (small town another 20min from where I was) So off we go.

By this time J is snoring.  I tell Alex to hit him.  I meant as in slightly nudge.  Alex hits him...what's a brother for?  And J sleeps through it.  Snoring...L.o.u.d.l.y.  We follow the directions and discover a new town in Texas, that is after driving through Opdyke West, Tx.  Population 114.  I have no clue the history of that town, but I assure I shall google. 

We get to the school.  Get pointed in the right direction and then find the line.  We get in THE LINE.  It was not short by any means.  Not short at all!  By this time it is 1:15p.  Lyns and J stayed in the suburban (windows down because I am nice that way!) Alex and I wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Finally get inside the building and that is when the fun began.

We are shuffled to a room, where we wait.  I tell them my major, I meet one of my Profs.  We begin to register me for classes.  Awesome.  Well until I have a block.  So out we go and into another line.  We wait.  Yep, my stuff is there, not sure why you are blocked.  Go see that guy.  Another line.  Yep, my stuff is there, not sure why you are blocked.  Go see the registar.  Registar is the college god and fixes my stuff.  Back to classroom to finish adding classes.  Drop a class to add correct class (same class just different day and time) but hey, guess what, I am blocked again.  So...you got it, back in line for the registar (at least I could skip the middle man this time)  He fixes it.  All is well.  Schedule is printed (by the way it is now 3pm) We head to financial aid.  I have what I need, so off I go.  Find book store.  Get my books for 4, count them, one, two, three, four classes (not five or six, but only four) and spend $664 on books.  And a pair of goggles.  I know I will look hot in those.  Then we go and get my ID. and my parking pass.  By this time it is 3:45 and I am bit overwhelmed and tired. 

Just in case you are wondering my four classes:  Pre-Algerbra (I suck at math) History of Geology (awesome!!!)  History from 1877 to now.  (yawn) and Chemistry.  Not intro to Chemistry but the freaking class itself.  Shall I panic?? OH probably!! LOL  So basically 2 history classes and 2 math classes.  My brain already hurts. Bad!

After a quick slide through Taco Bell we headed back to Lubbock and stopped at the library and now:

This is what I know

I know I can breathe easier in a library.  I know I love wondering up and down every aisle looking at books.  I know seeing a book called, "Animal names" written by a person named "Boone" cracks me up because my dog's name is Boone.  I know children running amuck through a library bugs me.  Bugs me bad.  I know I never check out political books.  Not even the ones on Kennedy, Reagan or another president we have ever had.  I know I randomly choose books, based on their cover.  I know I enjoy wandering up and down aisles with Alex.  He chats, I spy books, he carries them.  I know I love reading both adult and children's books.  I know some times I need a simple answer and children's books have them.  I know my Scotty Dog did not read the book on Scotty Dogs and now that I have checked out one, she must have read a different dog book.  I know she is not what that book said she would be.  I know when I read the book to Mia, the Scotty, I left out some info or changed the bad info to be good info....I didn't want Mia to know exactly what was in the book.  I know I always check out one finacial book, usually never actually read but just skimmed through.  Yesterday's choice, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"  I am neither rich, nor poor, nor a dad, but I did have a dream last night I had 38 million in my bank account.  That's pretty awesome.  I know screaming kids make me want to find a wooden spoon while in the library.  I know I should never have any more children as I am no longer patient with small ones.  I know I will check out books on money, Scotty dogs, self help, some humor and a few fiction books.  I know if I say we need to leave the library at 4:50 in order to go and pick up Drake from work, we will not leave until 5:05 and I will have a mother panic attack and Drake will look like a little lost soul walking back and forth in front of his place of employment because I am never late.  And I know life is good when I bring home a stack of books.  I know reading is the one thing that keeps me grounded and sane.  Well maybe not totally sane but I know I can always check out a book on mental conditions and self-help myself. 

So that's what I know.......

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Story of Mia

We are the proud of owners of a registered Scottish Terrier.  Her name is Mia Bluebird.  Which is stupid, but that is her official name.  I am not exactly sure what I would have named her but we call her Mia or Me for short.  She has been a lovely addition to our home.  Well at least I think she has....not exactly sure about the rest of the family but regardless she is here and here is how she came to be:

Most women have the baby bug.  You know where you are begging and pleading for another baby.  A human one that is.  You dream of holding a newborn while looking at baby clothes for a human that doesn't exist yet.  You smell other's actual baby humans all the time wishing you had one as well.  It doesn't matter if you have twelve at home and holes busted through the walls and four of them on drugs and two pregnant....all you know is you want another sweet little tiny human with no hair who cries often as well as other bodily things. 

Um, me?  Not so much.  Don't get me wrong.  If Mr Looks Good in Wranglers and I were blessed with a little pasty white, vein showing, conehead tiny human we would be glad.  But we actually enjoy teenagers and have NO desire to start over.  (by the way, we would have to invest in self tanner because my children are biracial and have a nice tan.  New tiny human would be P.A.L.E. and not match) So instead of the baby bug I get the puppy/kitty/small reptile/rodent/I just need SOMETHING now bug. 

It all started at Wal-Mart.  My daughter and I pulled up and there was a basket of cute little Scotty puppies.  The dad was there and he was lovely.  But the puppies were adorable.  I did not have permission (yes I actually ask permission before lugging home some other creature who requires food and doctor visits etc...I like my cushy life and do not want to mess it up!!) nor the extra funds to purchase said Scotty puppy.  I pouted a little....I mean they were that cute! 

I kept an eye on craigslist where I saw Scotty Puppies for sale but when I went to call, the ad was gone.  Poor sad me.  I looked into getting another dog or puppy.  Was even approved for a bloodhound but she was over two hours away and was a bit more puppy than I was wanting. 

Then one day while looking through craigslist I spied the ad.  It was like a light from heaven shown down and I saw it, "Free Scottish Terrier"  Hello??  It is the dog I want and at a price I love---FREE!! 

Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers was not thrilled but allowed us to go and "look" at the dog.  We piled all the kids (looking like orphans of course) in the suburban and headed over to this lady's home.  She had two Scotty puppies, the dad and Mia as well as an English Bulldog.  Through conversation we discovered the puppies were in fact the ones we saw at Wal-Mart.  The bulldog decided to whoop on Mia and she held her ground.  Mr. Looks Good actually looked pretty ticked off the whole time but petted on the dogs as did the rest of us. 

The lady's husband had died three weeks earlier.  And Mia, loved escaping and then killed a neighbor's chicken.  We were told she was not very lady like and an outside dog.  Mr. Looks Good just looked at me with THAT look (not sure what the look is exactly, but it's not good)

We agreed to have a family meeting and started walking towards the front door.  Mia padded along to the door with us.  Several times during our visit the lady would call Mia and Mia would look, but not come.  I would call her and she would run right towards me. 

I spoke to the lady a bit longer, while holding Mia to allow the family to get out the door without Mia escaping.  Then I loaded up and we left.  I knew things were good when we left, headed the wrong way from home.  We had our family meeting in the suburban all agreeing, Mia belonged with us.  Let me add, Mr Looks Good agreed, but it may have been defeat.....he was living with a woman with the puppy bug.........

We called and turned around and picked up Mia.  She loved riding in the car.  And we have now had her for a few weeks.  Here is what we know about her.  She walks all cute and girly like, but then I think that is how Scotty's walk.  She will have accidents in the house if you don't stay on top of her.  We stay on top of her.  She will leave the house/yard if allowed.  (she has gotten out twice) We know she has to be brushed out often and bathed once a week.  She gets dirty easy and tangled quickly.  I don't think she cares, but when you have stinky dog in your lap, you do. She knows where the dog treats are kept and will go in the laundry (secret treat harboring room) and then look at you as if by mind control will you to get up and get her one or two or a hundred. She may be short but she is able to get onto the middle of the table in about .05 seconds.  Her best time by far.  And she has super powers and is able to pick trash out of the trash can without knocking it over.   But the biggest thing she LOVES the jeep.  She puts her little snout out and lets the wind blow back her giant eyebrows.  She loves seeing cars pull up beside her.  She is most certainly a Jeep dog.  After her first ride we brought her in and throw a tantrum wanting back outside..to the Jeep. For the most part we are quite pleased with our Mia girl.  Who doesn't love a cute little Scottish Terrier?

Monday, August 13, 2012

If your life sucks....read here!!

First let me say, I will try to catch my typos and spelling mistakes...may or may not happen! LOL

So I happen to have 700+ friends on Facebook.  Yes I know I need a life.  But hey, it is what it is.  Some friends are fun.  They post funny pictures and things in their life.  They make me smile.  Some friends are upbeat.  They offer good days and well wishes.  Some friends just post those annoying "click to share" type pictures.  I just scroll through.  Some friends post well....down in the mouth type things.  I have to confess, I generally don't respond to them and most often than not, I will eventually delete them if it becomes a recurring theme for them.  Why?  Not because I am unfeeling or don't care, but because I choose to surround myself with happiness, upbeatness (see I made up a word) and positiveness (probably another one there too!) 

So your life sucks....well this is for you!

You have a choice because here's the deal.  You only get this life once (unless you believe in reincarnation but you might come back as a dung beetle) so yeah, I know YOLO (you only live once...in case you haven't heard of the song)  But really that is it.  You don't get any do overs.  No going back to your teen years, or your twenties.  No replays of the good times while fast forwarding through the bad.  This is it.  These days are your days.  You get the same seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years I do.  But it is up to you how you plan on living them.

So your job sucks?  Well go find another.  I don't want to hear your excuses.  NO, really I don't.  You know why?  Because YOU can CHANGE it.  Get an education, look for another job, transfer....do something about it.  Honestly, you can throw excuses at me all day long and I am going to give you a rebuttle to it all.  Just because you hate your job doesn't mean it is going to get better.  So YOU better figure out a way to do something about it.  It's real simple, either change your job or your attitude.  Yep...YOUR attitude. 

So your love life sucks?  Well you have a few choices...If you are dating/married/shacked up with some one who makes your miserable.  Leave, get out, move on.  Yeah, it will hurt, but let me tell you the person making you miserable is the way they are.  Granted a person can change a few things, but overall....they are what they are.  I love Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers, but here is a little bit about him.  He has never bought me a gift and in four years only two cards.  I bet some of you fell out your chair.  Yep, no gifts, but let me clarify.  I am able to go out and purchase something if I want it.  Around Valentine's day he bought me a red VW Bug.  I needed a car so it wasn't really a gift but it is as close as I get.  For our 4yr anniv. we moved to this awesome house.  Granted we were looking to move, but moving cost money...I tell you all of this to say....I could cry and moan over the fact I am not having flowers delivered or gifts to unwrap.  I really could.  Never a birthday gift..NOTHING.  But instead *I* choose to focus on the fact since I have been with him, my life has gotten nothing (gotten nothing...redneck talk for ya!) but better.  Mine and my children's lives are amazingly better than they were four years ago.  So if your guy or gal is not making you happy this is what you do.  Either focus on the positive and forget the negative or....move on..find another guy or gal.

So your money sucks?  Well look at the job one.  DO SOMETHING to change it!  Easy as that!!  No really....get off your hinny and change the way things are. Hey but keep it legal.  I don't want any one coming back to say "she told me to rob a bank"   

I personally believe in positive thoughts, vibration, energy...whatever you want to call it.  But there is a little secret (about The secret) you need to know. You have to be willing do something.  I could sit here and say "I am going to win the lottery"  I can be as positive about it as I want be but if I don't get my keys, get in my suburban, drive down the block to Valero and actually purchase a lottery ticket, I am not going to win. 

So send out your positive thoughts but be sure to give them something to bounce back on.  For example, you want a new job.  So you light candles, do your thing, send out positive thoughts.....also be sending out resumes and filling out apps.  Don't get me wrong, I believe you could bump into the right person to get you on your way, but you need to do a little leg work to help get those energies going for you.  Your perfect job may not know you exist unless you send them a resume.

So here is the deal.  Quite bitching about your life and do something about it.  No one wants to hear it.  (yeah, pretty cold, but that is human nature) Quit making the world miserable around you and go out and change your circumstances. Choose things that are positive to say.  And then SAY them.  Even if it is hard for you to believe, they will come true.  Also be willing to learn and try new things.  You never know where the next bit of awesomeness will come from.    And remember life is not easy....no one gets out alive!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Christians

This is my letter to all the Christians out there in light of the Chick-fi-la crud.

Dear Christians,

On August 1st I saw you out in droves around the local CFAs, even the one at the mall was packed.  I know some of you there were there in support of Free Speech.  I get that.  However a good portion of you were there to support "biblical marriage."  Well let me just say....it is nice of you all to finally stand up for something.  Sadly, it was a chicken sandwhich.

I think of all the things Christians could en masse join together for and you chose a chicken sandwhich.  Really? That is the best you could come up with?

You couldn't all come together for abortion, poverty, hunger, drugs the list of sins goes on.....And yet you really for the santicy of marriage.  Honestly.....you rallied together for court costs and a piece of paper.  You couldn't join together to and spend the average $20 (for a family if not more) for stopping abortion or donating to a food bank for some one in need?  You couldn't spend that money to help fix a neighbors home or put the homeless off the streets?  Instead you gathered up your suburbia family, hoped in the SUV and drove to CFA.  You turned  your head away from the protesting gays and waited an hour or so for chicken sandwhich.  That was your idea of helping your fellow man? 

I remember once when I was a kid and a tornado went through our small town and damaged a few homes.  It was a Sunday morning.  When word got out we were at church.  My father (not known to be generous with money) grabbed me out of Sunday school.  He and another man were all who were willing to leave church and help out some families whose homes were damaged and needed immediate repair.  Out of all the good God fearing Christians...a church full of them infact, 2 men and a 6th grade girl who were all who went to help.

This CFA thing reminds me of that.  All the good Christians are glad to help a cause as long as it isn't hard and they benefit.  You got a chicken sandwhich and waffle fries out of the deal.  You were able to sit in your air conditioned car and listen to music and wait.  How hard was that??

WWJD?  Do you remember the bracelets and the phrase?? I do, they were everywhere.  So let's apply this cute little catch phrase to the whole CFA thing.  Umm, well I don't think Jesus would have been waiting in line at CFA.  I am just guessing, but based off of scripture, the people he chose to hang out with were not those considered the best in society.  Tax collector, prostitute, leper, heck even a dead guy.  So I am gonna go out on a limb and guess Jesus would have probably not even been near the CFA and if he was.  He would have been out with those feeling hurt....offering compassion instead of $5 for a chicken sandwhich. 

So dear Christians....if you want to be a light unto the world.  Start shinning.  Right now, a few of us don't think you are too bright.  Start walking the walk instead of flapping your lips.  Go do something Christ like.  Start with Love...  love your neighbor.  By the way, this extends further than the guy next door.  This means all your neighbors.  Your community.  Your world.  This means people who are not like you.  This means the poor, the black, the Asian, the guy who is from the middle East.  Oh which reminds me...you do realize that is the area Jesus was from.  He wasn't a white guy.  This also means the drunkard, the druggie and yes even the gay.

A person who is tired of all the CFA crud.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Pocketful of change

So as we all know by now today is the day to support Chick-fi-la.  People have come out in droves to buy a chicken sandwhich.  Police have been needed to direct traffic, lines are long and families are all waiting for a sandwhich and waffle fries.  In my neck of the woods, there have been protestors holding signs and protesting the establishment.

Here are my thoughts...for better or for worse..for who cares and who doesn't....

First of all is the establishment of marriage and what it means today.  Eons ago when people "married" they expressed their intent and followed the customs of their people and culture.  Whether they were bringing over some sheep to give the dad for the price of the daughter, having a ceremony with a woman they didn't know and their parents had set up when they were toddlers.  Some men simply took the woman they wanted, others asked the father or the tribe elders.  Through the years there was not a government establishment of marriage.  It was what it was. 

Then marriage changed.  Government stepped in.  You know had to have a piece of paper to say you were married.  There is the legalities of name changes and proper ceremonies.  And now we have people bickering over whether or not two guys can get married or two gals.  Basically they are argueing over some court mandated fees and a piece of paper.

Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers and I are not "legally" married.  I refer to him as my husband as it is easier than explaining we are two adults, committed to one another and who live in the same household.  For all intents and purposes we are married.  I don't need the court, government official or bible thumpers to disagree.  They can't change my heart or his.  We are both pretty stubborn. ;o)

Next, we have corporations.  Most, if not all, major corporations send money to organizations.  Some support veterns, others gay rights, some the church, some United Way....the list is long and goes on.  It is a tax right off first of all.  They give away money or in order to decrease the amount they must pay in.  Simple as that.  Secondly, they support what they as a board of directors believe in.  Just as a family we do.  And I am sure your family does as well.  You may give to the SPCA, the church, etc...  You give where you feel like you think your money will do the most good. It is what you believe in and makes you...well you!

So Chick-fi-la gives millions to support a biblical family.  Do I agree with this?  Nope...not at all.  But you know what---we live in a FREE country.  (at least today it is!!)  They have that right to support who they want.  Just as another company has the right to support who they want.  They are not mandated to give to certain organizations..they give to who they want to support.  It is no big secret Chick-fi-la is a Christian based business (although I argue the biblical Sabbath is not Sunday, but Friday at sundown....anyway...)  The company has proven their business plan works...they make money.  Apparently enough money to be closed one day a week when all the others are open. 

I am appalled people are surprised to learn they do not support Gay marriage.  Shocker!!  But again, did I mention the whole "we live in a free country thing?"  Feel free to eat a chicken sandwhich somewhere else.  You don't have to eat there...again..freedom comes into play here. 

So the bottom line for me is this...I don't boycott Chick-fi-la simply because I never eat there anyway.  I don't like their food!!  I don't care for their sandwhiches and I don't like pickles and when I ask for cut the pickles...the pickle juice is still on the patti and thats just nasty.  I do support gay marriage, just as I support straight marriage and interracial marriage.  The piece of paper doesn't change the fact people love each other.  It doesn't make them any more committed. 

So while you wait in line with the gazillions of other American's to get your chicken sandwhich, I will be home, saving myself some money and enjoying a pickle juice free dinner.  I may have some gay friends over, well at least a couple of bi women.  I will continue to be shacked up with my honey and consider myself his wife.  I will continue to teach my children love and not hate, but also this country may have a few quirks but freedom is still the base line of the foundation of this nation.  And here is the simplicity of it...if I don't like who or what a business supports...there is another business out there ready to take my money. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

A little bit of Lubbock

I had big plans today to visit Palo Duro Canyon.  My dad took me twice when I was kid to see the play Texas.  It was a lasting memory for me and I wanted to share the awesomeness with the kids.  So, we got up and dressed.  Piled into the suburban and took off.  First we headed to Bolton's to get free air for a low tire.  While Drake and I were looking, we noticed "something" in the tire.  Ahh, now here is the part where I become brilliant...I decide to buy fix a flat and well..."fix" my tire.  We put some more gas in the suburban and took off.

For us to get out of town, we have to get on Loop 289 and then get onto Hwy 27.  At this point I am not telling the kids where we are going.  I wanted them to be wowed.  And have ooohs and ahhhs from the back seat(s).  Well once on Hwy 27, I started feeling a little bump bump.  I honestly thought it was the road.  I had never driven on it and sometimes roads do make the car make funny sounds.  About the time I asked, "hey you think it's the tire"  we felt that BAM....and rubber went flying.  Might I add, it flew pretty impressively. 

Now mind you, we are new to town, new (to us) vehicle and I am not EXACTLY sure where I am.  So I google....hello?? Google is awesome, it knows where I am!! So I call the closest wrecker service.  I explained where we were, and the fact we had NO tools and we were hoping our spare was good. 

After 45min and two phone calls....I finally get Mr. Baggy Pant, no personality, who knows what is name is guy.  First thing, he jacks up my suburban and it in the process it slips off (slips my ass...it fell off!!!)  He had to make a phone call and then used his tow truck to lift my suburban.  Now mind you...when I called, I explained the situation....I have NO tire changing tools (if I had...my guys would have had us up and out of there..and blog would have been a lot shorter!ha) So he gets to the spare tire part and drum roll please.................he doesn't have the tool.  Then preceeds to tell me they could tow my suburban but the kids and I would have to find a ride.  Um hello??? what part of "I just moved here" do they not understand!

Soooooooooooo Mr. Baggy Pants drives away and I make phone calls.  Then my red-headed, pony-tail wearing knight in a white truck from Caprock Tire shows up.  And in less than 30min I have my spare on my suburban, all tires are checked and for road side assistance I only paid $35.  VERY happy!

But because of the two hours we sat on Hwy 27 staring at each other, talking about the past, being thankful it wasn't worse and listening to Jacob snore, we had to scrape our little outing.  It's all good, no panic...we hit a couple of Lubbock things....

We were right down the road from McKenzie Park so we headed there to check out Prairie Dog Town.  We are all closet prairie dog lovers here....honestly, we contemplate ways to capture one and make it our pet.  We threw them chewy granola pb bars and watched them snack.
Are they not the cutest things!!
After we left there we headed to The Choclate Mousse Pie Bar
You are feasting your eyes on our feast of Oreo pie dip.  Yep..PIE dip.  Basically you go in, choose your filing and then what you want for your crust.  They serve them in cups.  A very interesting experience.  I can tell you...the pie dip was gone in probably five minutes.  Did I mention it was YUMMY!!!

Soo......no, my day didn't turn out as I planned.  But through it all I remained thankful.  Everything could have been worse...and everything worked out---one way or another!! 

So if you ever decide to visit us in Lubbock...look there are two places we can take you to visit!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's official--We moved!!

I have been asked several times for pictures of the new house, so this blog is all about my house!  Just so you know the home we moved from was about 950 sq ft.  We had three trailer loads of stuff.  Honestly, I have no idea where everything was in that home!  Even Joe and Deb, our friends who helped transport our stuff, asked, "where did all of this come from?"  I still don't have any idea!! 

So now as I am finally able to hang up stuff, I am discovering a lot of my items from the old home does not match the new house.  As my friend Micah would say, "you know what that means, you have to go SHOPPING!!"  Heck ya!!  However, as usual I will be shopping garage sales and clearance.  Might I add Kirklands always has an amazing clearance sale!! 

So how you go....house porn for your viewing pleasure
Here is our home, now minus the tree...and the bushes have been trimmed!
Welcome!!  I have my little stars hung up for the 4th.  It was a quick fix for myself, the wreath lady.  One of my favorite things of this home is the purple front door!
Here is our little entry way! 
When you step in, this is your first view.  Look how tall the ceilings are!! 
Here is the living room, a look from the boys' rooms.  Notice the cutie on the computer on the couch!
Another view of the living room, this one from the garage and laundry room area.  Please note we do live here, so yeah, there are a few papers etc... sitting around.  But hey, I just moved!!
Another view across.  You can see the doorway to the boys' room. 
Looking from the entry way across the living room.  Doorway by the tv goes to the laundry room and garage!
Looking across the living room from the fireplace. 
Standing in the dining room area looking towards the kitchen.  My WHITE kitchen!!  UGH!
The dining area. 
Looking from dining room to living room.  Notice the white stool, I had to use it to hang up stuff.  And I have to use it reach stuff in my kitchen! 
looking from kitchen into the dining room
to the left of the sink.  That was yummy garlic bread for supper!!
The other side of our kitchen and Lynsie's cookie mess.  She was a doll and was baking cookies!
All the windows have these great shutters on the inside.  The louvers open and then the whole panel opens as well! How cool is that??  No need for curtains!  Although, I miss curtains!  But I am quite happy with the simplicity of them!  And EVERY single window has them!! 
This is bookshelf and picture between the boys' room.  The poster, which is not easy to see, is from Viet Nam.  My dad had a street vender draw it for my grandmother. It is dated 1963. 
Boys'/guest bathroom. 
More of their bathroom.  The starfish was one dad had in our house when I was growing up! I wish I knew the story behind it!
The hallway to my bedroom
My bed...in my bedroom of course!
More of my bedroom.  As you can see it is pretty blah in there right now!  Still have a lot to do.
Last picture....I have NO idea what to do with this wall in the living room!

Okay, I still have a lot of work to do, but you get to take a gander of our home!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Attitude of Gratitude

I am not a mainstream Christian.  Actually I do not refer to myself as a Christian of any sort.  Although I grew up in what I considered a strict Christian home and later married a man who became a pastor, I no longer share those beliefs.  So there is my disclaimer…LOL

When we first moved out here we stayed in a Motel for a month.  We had heard you couldn’t find a room anywhere so I was very thankful for the room we had.  I continued to be thankful because we were being charged a decent weekly rate.  Yes it was the little things I was thankful for.  Just as we were able to have money saved up we found a home.

I am not exaggerating when I say housing out here is crazy.  I do mean crazy.  IF and that is a big IF you can find a place the cost is outrageous.  I have seen 3br/2bath trailers be offered for $2500 a month.  And sadly, for the sake of needing a home, people pay that amount.  So we found our little place (yes the picture on top is our actual home now)

This past year I have been so thankful for our home.  I have taken pride in making this our home.  I have decorated and bought new items to really have a nice place.  And I have been thankful.  Our home set in the best of the school district’s schools so there was no worries about the school Jacob would go to.  I have a yard (small) and a tree (trees are good) and I have continued to be thankful.

I fully believe you have to appreciate whatever it is you have.  If you own a rundown couch that sinks to the floor, be thankful.  It is a place to sit.  If you drive an older vehicle, be thankful, it gets you around.  You have two choices:  gripe and complain about what you have or truly be grateful for what you have.  Relish in the gratitude. 

Where we live is pretty icky looking according to most people.  I have chosen to see the beauty out here as well as be thankful for the life we have here.  I find the sunsets/sunrises amazing.  There is nothing to block your view.  The area we live contributes (geologically) to the formation of oil which contributes to my quality of life..I have been thankful.

If you are wanting better, more, be thankful for what you have now.  Be thankful for the moments.  There is more to life than just stature and money (and yes I know money does help!) but truly finding the things to be grateful will totally change your attitude.  I have lived paycheck to paycheck and spent my time being thankful just that the basic bills were paid.  We couldn’t afford cable so we were thankful for our dvd player and Redbox. 

You get to choose your attitude. “I hate my house, my furniture, my car, my job” makes for one miserable person.  And truthfully you are probably just as miserable on the inside as your life reflects on the outside.  You want a better life?  Be thankful for what you have now.  “I am thankful for the home I have, it’s a roof over my head.  I am thankful I have my couches and recliner; I am not sitting on the floor.  I am thankful for my car; I am able to run errands.  I am thankful for my job, it keeps the roof over my head, my car gassed up, food on the table.” So what if you are not keeping up with the Jones, chances are when you have a great attitude about what you have, the Jones will be jealous of your zest of life. 

When my dad and I would talk, and he was feeling down and in pain, I would remind him…it beats the alternative.  Every. Single. Time. He would perk up.  He was thankful for the pain, the bone weary tiredness and the fact everything taste like metal—It meant he was still alive.

So for a year now, I have been practicing thankfulness.  Every day.  Every time I pulled up to our little home, I would express thanks.  And now here we are fixing to move.  I truly believe because I was thankful for what I had been given and willing to care for it as if it was a mansion, I have been blessed with a home better than I could have imagined.  I am so excited and yes THANKFUL for the new home.  It is amazing to me.  A garage, a huge walk in closet, a real dining room, a fireplace…things that were once upon a time beyond my imagination because I was so down in life, but now because I have chosen to be thankful for whatever I have, I am being blessed. 

A few pics of our new home!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Twisted Sense of Humor

To know me is to know I inherited a twisted sense of humor.  Thanks dad!!  My father was funny and out there and laughed at things you sometimes not ought to laugh at…..and *sigh* I do the same.  I guess that is one of the perks of having your father raise you …alone, by himself.  There was no mother to gently guide this terrible behavior out of me.  So I am pretty much twisted…..but then you already knew that right?

We are moving.  To a house.  I am beyond tickled.  A house…a real house made of bricks.  I will soon have a fireplace and garage and grass and trees and patio and a master closet to die for.  All the things a girl wants growing up…especially the closet.  Did I mention the fantastic closet?  Heck I am excited there is a special little storage spot for brooms and mops.  Yeah, I get excited about that type of stuff.  I have already threatened to do snow angels on the living room floor I am just that excited.  I can’t believe I am fixing to own a garage door opener. 

So with moving comes packing.  Boxes.  Lots and lots of boxes.  And in boxes goes stuff.  You know your personal stuff.  Books, clothes, blankets, sheets, make up you never use, dishes you forgot you own, appliances you never use.  Just stuff.  So here is my dilemma and where my humor comes into play. 

My dad was cremated.  After his cremation he was divided in thirds.  Morbid I know.  So I have one third of my dad.  Currently he sits on a bookshelf in a plastic bag, twist tied shut and in a plastic box.  I have more of him than I thought I would have and he is heavier than I expected.  But there he sits.  My third of a dad in a box.  He just hangs out up there.  No worries..it’s dad in a box. Except we are moving.

I now have a quandary.  Does Dad in a box go into a box?  I mean do I just pack him up? Dad in a box in with some books, a couple of hangers and random papers that are part of the last few boxes you box up?  The random stuff that has no home as you are organizing your life into little or big boxes.  Will my dad like his box in a box?  Or do I just carry him in the truck with me and two kids and a dog?  What if I have to put him behind the seat? 

I have discovered there are no cremation etiquette.  I have to figure this out on my own .  So for now, until the day of moving, dad in the box will sit on top of the bookshelf collecting dust with the clock.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things to do with teens--Cheap, but not always

I have four teenagers in my home.  Yes--four.  They are 17, 17, 16 and almost 15 years of age.  And yes I know that is crazy.  But I love every moment with them.  Okay, maybe not EVERY moment, but for the most part, most of the moments.  They are fun, they keep me laughing and hey, they can dress and feed themselves! How awesome is that??  I can carry on conversations with them and get responses.  We can discuss world peace (ha ha ha, okay the boys are more concerned with world domination) and future plans (insert deer in head lights look here..at least that is what I always get!  SIGH) 

The biggest thing is the knowledge I only have a short amount of time before the guys (and one girl) and grown and gone out of my home.  I only have a short amount of time getting to know them more and influencing them (ha ha ha AS IF I had that power! LOL) Before I know it, they will be grown and gone (at least that's the plan) so for now, I choose to spend a lot of time with them.  So I have been thinking of things I can do with them to not only entertain them, but to also get a little bit more time in with them.  I wish I could say this list is full of free ideas but it's not.  I would like to say the ideas are cheap, but I haven't found anything cheap when it comes to teens!!  ;)

Tada--The list, as it is now

1.  Drive them to and from work. 
My guys work.  So I drive them.  I realize it is not always possible or feasible, but that is a few more moments to spend with them if you can.  Maybe just one day a week.  This is not a time to harp on their bedrooms, laundry piling up, the fact they didn't take the trash out, or have they applied to a college.  This is simply a time to chat, sing out loud to the radio, tell jokes, laugh.  Have fun with this time.  You can lecture later.  But for now, enjoy.  Your teens will soon be young adults and you will need to foster a new relationship with them.  You will always be their mom (or dad if you are a guy reading) so start now showing them you are human and not always the evil tyrant they think you are.

2. Drive-In movie. 
Of course this only works if you have one nearby.  A lot times they will charge by the car load and offer two movies for one price.  Plus you can bring in your own snacks.  So much cheaper than a regular theater.  Plan to arrive early.  Out here in West Texas, movies start at 9pm in the summer....you better be there by 7:30.  Grab some lawn chairs and an extra radio if you have one handy.  You just tune into the station to listen to the movie.  And here is an added perk--your sweet teens can sit out in front of the vehicle while you and your sweetie snuggle up in the vehicle.  So see...cheap, fun, and a chance to snuggle!  What more could you want?

3. Museums
I think everywhere has a museum or two or three.  Your teens probably haven't been since their 5th grade field trip.  Why not take them back now?  They are older and you generally don't have to worry about them touching things.  They might actually read the little plagues and learn something!  You may be pleasantly surprised at their response to the museum.  My guys take FOREVER in them.  I am the one wanting to hurry along to the next exhibit. 

4.  Play tourist in your area
Okay so this also a continuation of museums...but go play toursit.  What sites are there available to you in your area?  Historic homes?  Amusement parks? Cool places to eat?  Head over to your city's Chamber of Commerce and grab up the brocures for your town.  Then pick some things to do. 

5.  Nature
Grab your sunscreen, big floppy hat and go outdoors.  I have boys (and one tom-boy of a girl) so being outdoors is great.  Of course out here in West Texas we miss a few things such as wildflowers and trees and water, but hey, it's all good.  Take a picnic and head out.  Lake, Federal or State parks or even city parks.  My daughter will swing on a swing if it is available and she is 16yrs old.  Trails to hike on...my guys are gone with a "see you at the top mom"

6.  Crafts
These aren't for just little kids.  You can do actual crafts that are not made of popcycle sticks and glue.  My son, Alex and I have a plan to do make a bird bath incorporating the poured paint process.  He and I have a Lowe's trip planned and then we will be ready to pour!  Do you know how to sew or knit or carve bears out of logs? If so, pass this down to  your children.  Of course don't bully them into it, persuade gently....ha!  Also don't be a hard ass about it either.  It's for fun, you want them to have fun..no need to scream because the chain was pulled too tight while knitting or whatever.  Get your teens on Pinterest and pick out something to work on together.  It is also a great time to learn something new.

7.  Volunteer
Do you have a "save the Earth" kinda teen.  It won't kill you to go and help them volunteer somewhere.  Four hours a week, a month or whatever won't upset your life.  Go...do something.  And who knows you might like it!  Let your teen decide the project and call and go in .  And who knows maybe you will get a cool free t-shirt out of the deal.

8.  Concerts, plays
Drag them!!  Take them to listen to bands they may have not have heard of.  Expose them to new sounds.  Often times cities will host free concerts in the park.  Hello??  FREE!! Grab a blanket and some drinks.  Go sit and listen and if its good--dance!  Of course unless your family is really into Polka or something, I would skip those.  No reason to torture the ENTIRE family! 

Just think with Teens, you can skip Disney on Ice and go see some real grown up type plays.  Make it a date night (if you wish..one teen is cheaper than four!) or be brave and take them all.  And as much as they grown and grumble about how lame it is to go see the play, drag them anyway.  For our family, EVERY time they come out talking about how awesome it was.  Even Drake, my 17yr old, told me one time about being drug somewhere, "you know I am gonna tell you I don't want to go, but we always have fun and I am glad I went" 

9.  Sporting events
Even if you are not a sports fan you will survive a couple of hours at a game.  Here in West Texas we have hockey, soccer, football both indoors and outdoors and minor-league baseball.  So we get to take our pick.  Check out your local teams website because out here almost every home game comes with a freebie.  Magnets, jerseys, caps, bobble heads.etc.. 

10.  Take a drive
Yep, just get in and go.  Last weekend we took the soon to be 15yr old on one of our famous Conner-Jimerson, seat of your pants, road trips.  We got up early, went and had breakfast and then took off down the road.  For once we had a destination in mind, but normally we just take a road and go.  We took the long way to Fort Stockton and stopped and read every historical marker.  Yep, I learned about Blue Mountain (how it isn't really a mountain and Rattlesnake Butte) We stopped at convenience stores for drinks and chips and drove.  Well Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers drove.  I, on the other hand, looked like a puppy dog in the car..looking out this window then that window and back and forth I would go. 

If you are bit scared by a big random trip, just take one in town.  Is there a street you have never been down?  Who knows what you will find?  Then you can branch out.  We go for hours driving just to drive.  If it wasn't for random drives I would have never learned about Notrees, Tx.  Or that Wink, Tx is where Roy Orbinson grew up! 

To help cut costs you can bring food and drinks with you.  Stop at a random roadside park and grab a bite.  We have been known to pull over in a decent ditch and eat out of the back of the car.  Sounds very redneck doesn't it?? And the fun part...if the teens see something interesting they want to check out--we stop and check it out!  We don't have dvd players in the suburban (I'm mean that way) but we do allow them their phones and PSVita.  I don't want to torture them too bad! ;)

This list is to simply get you started.  Hopefully it opened a few ideas on how to spend some more time with your teens.  And yes, raising teens is like nailing jello to a tree sometimes
But it is possible!! Enjoy!!