Monday, July 9, 2012

A little bit of Lubbock

I had big plans today to visit Palo Duro Canyon.  My dad took me twice when I was kid to see the play Texas.  It was a lasting memory for me and I wanted to share the awesomeness with the kids.  So, we got up and dressed.  Piled into the suburban and took off.  First we headed to Bolton's to get free air for a low tire.  While Drake and I were looking, we noticed "something" in the tire.  Ahh, now here is the part where I become brilliant...I decide to buy fix a flat and well..."fix" my tire.  We put some more gas in the suburban and took off.

For us to get out of town, we have to get on Loop 289 and then get onto Hwy 27.  At this point I am not telling the kids where we are going.  I wanted them to be wowed.  And have ooohs and ahhhs from the back seat(s).  Well once on Hwy 27, I started feeling a little bump bump.  I honestly thought it was the road.  I had never driven on it and sometimes roads do make the car make funny sounds.  About the time I asked, "hey you think it's the tire"  we felt that BAM....and rubber went flying.  Might I add, it flew pretty impressively. 

Now mind you, we are new to town, new (to us) vehicle and I am not EXACTLY sure where I am.  So I google....hello?? Google is awesome, it knows where I am!! So I call the closest wrecker service.  I explained where we were, and the fact we had NO tools and we were hoping our spare was good. 

After 45min and two phone calls....I finally get Mr. Baggy Pant, no personality, who knows what is name is guy.  First thing, he jacks up my suburban and it in the process it slips off (slips my fell off!!!)  He had to make a phone call and then used his tow truck to lift my suburban.  Now mind you...when I called, I explained the situation....I have NO tire changing tools (if I guys would have had us up and out of there..and blog would have been a lot shorter!ha) So he gets to the spare tire part and drum roll please.................he doesn't have the tool.  Then preceeds to tell me they could tow my suburban but the kids and I would have to find a ride.  Um hello??? what part of "I just moved here" do they not understand!

Soooooooooooo Mr. Baggy Pants drives away and I make phone calls.  Then my red-headed, pony-tail wearing knight in a white truck from Caprock Tire shows up.  And in less than 30min I have my spare on my suburban, all tires are checked and for road side assistance I only paid $35.  VERY happy!

But because of the two hours we sat on Hwy 27 staring at each other, talking about the past, being thankful it wasn't worse and listening to Jacob snore, we had to scrape our little outing.  It's all good, no panic...we hit a couple of Lubbock things....

We were right down the road from McKenzie Park so we headed there to check out Prairie Dog Town.  We are all closet prairie dog lovers here....honestly, we contemplate ways to capture one and make it our pet.  We threw them chewy granola pb bars and watched them snack.
Are they not the cutest things!!
After we left there we headed to The Choclate Mousse Pie Bar
You are feasting your eyes on our feast of Oreo pie dip.  Yep..PIE dip.  Basically you go in, choose your filing and then what you want for your crust.  They serve them in cups.  A very interesting experience.  I can tell you...the pie dip was gone in probably five minutes.  Did I mention it was YUMMY!!!, my day didn't turn out as I planned.  But through it all I remained thankful.  Everything could have been worse...and everything worked out---one way or another!! 

So if you ever decide to visit us in Lubbock...look there are two places we can take you to visit!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's official--We moved!!

I have been asked several times for pictures of the new house, so this blog is all about my house!  Just so you know the home we moved from was about 950 sq ft.  We had three trailer loads of stuff.  Honestly, I have no idea where everything was in that home!  Even Joe and Deb, our friends who helped transport our stuff, asked, "where did all of this come from?"  I still don't have any idea!! 

So now as I am finally able to hang up stuff, I am discovering a lot of my items from the old home does not match the new house.  As my friend Micah would say, "you know what that means, you have to go SHOPPING!!"  Heck ya!!  However, as usual I will be shopping garage sales and clearance.  Might I add Kirklands always has an amazing clearance sale!! 

So how you porn for your viewing pleasure
Here is our home, now minus the tree...and the bushes have been trimmed!
Welcome!!  I have my little stars hung up for the 4th.  It was a quick fix for myself, the wreath lady.  One of my favorite things of this home is the purple front door!
Here is our little entry way! 
When you step in, this is your first view.  Look how tall the ceilings are!! 
Here is the living room, a look from the boys' rooms.  Notice the cutie on the computer on the couch!
Another view of the living room, this one from the garage and laundry room area.  Please note we do live here, so yeah, there are a few papers etc... sitting around.  But hey, I just moved!!
Another view across.  You can see the doorway to the boys' room. 
Looking from the entry way across the living room.  Doorway by the tv goes to the laundry room and garage!
Looking across the living room from the fireplace. 
Standing in the dining room area looking towards the kitchen.  My WHITE kitchen!!  UGH!
The dining area. 
Looking from dining room to living room.  Notice the white stool, I had to use it to hang up stuff.  And I have to use it reach stuff in my kitchen! 
looking from kitchen into the dining room
to the left of the sink.  That was yummy garlic bread for supper!!
The other side of our kitchen and Lynsie's cookie mess.  She was a doll and was baking cookies!
All the windows have these great shutters on the inside.  The louvers open and then the whole panel opens as well! How cool is that??  No need for curtains!  Although, I miss curtains!  But I am quite happy with the simplicity of them!  And EVERY single window has them!! 
This is bookshelf and picture between the boys' room.  The poster, which is not easy to see, is from Viet Nam.  My dad had a street vender draw it for my grandmother. It is dated 1963. 
Boys'/guest bathroom. 
More of their bathroom.  The starfish was one dad had in our house when I was growing up! I wish I knew the story behind it!
The hallway to my bedroom
My my bedroom of course!
More of my bedroom.  As you can see it is pretty blah in there right now!  Still have a lot to do.
Last picture....I have NO idea what to do with this wall in the living room!

Okay, I still have a lot of work to do, but you get to take a gander of our home!