Friday, November 15, 2013

Yes we have gone crazy

Well life sure gets crazy in a hurry!!!  But I bet you already knew that!  So what has been going on you may here it is in a nutshell.  We moved into an RV.  Yes, all of us...and the pets.  All of them.  Is this permanent? Nope, but it is for a bit.  And while we are here are goal is to pay off some debt.  That part I am excited about.  I will post pictures later.  But for now.....

We are in a 32ft Keystone Hideout.  There is a master bedroom and three bunks.  Thankfully with the older kids schedule they play rotating bunks.  Occasionally if everyone is home, some one sleeps on the couch/bed in the living area.  The prairie dogs now have half a cage and the female is in with them.  I let them out during the day to play.  The cats are with us as well and the litter box goes in the shower.  The two dogs are also here and go out quite often. 

We are parked in a little rv park on the edge of town. Two sisters own it and are sweet as can be.  There is a small pasture outside so it is easy to take the dogs out for exercise so they can roam a bit.  Belle is enjoying all the Frisbee throwing we do for her. 

We have our swing, lawn furniture and wooden bench out front so we have a small area to sit and get away from each other! ;) 

We are pretty serious about knocking out some debt so we are using this time to do so.  We could have rented a house but we really didn't want to pay $2000 or more for a simple 3br. By living like this we save about $1600 a month.  Not bad savings. 

So I will once again be blogging but now it will be dedicated to living this crazy life and how we are stay tuned!!!!