Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Our duplex, isn't so small, was built in 1972...the same year I was born.  Sigh!  I don't think the place has been updated since.  Maybe a few things here or there, but mostly not.  Thankfully, it came with a few modern conveniences of its time.  The gas fireplace is nice but we have to buy a key to use it.  However, the intercom system has been a joy.  And fun.

The first time Jacob was in the house, we thought we would have to ban the intercom because he was singing in it and driving us all crazy.  It is not the best in the world but it still works in the rooms and plays the radio throughout which is a nice way to pipe music through out the house and wake everyone up.  Simply because I am mean like that!

Today I am painting the kitchen to help update its look but the one thing that will not change is the intercom/radio, which shhh don't tell also has a knob where I can listen and see what is going on in all the rooms.  Pretty nifty!!

So before I crank up the volume, which means my daughter will have to get out of bed and turn her's down because it freaks out her rats...I thought I would jot a few thoughts on our little system and share a pic of it.  Not to worry the wall around it will soon be a nice red.

It reminds me of the Brady Bunch! LOL

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A jump at life

There is something to be said about watching Felix Baumgartner take that first step out into the wild blue yonder, with Earth just a fuzzy image of blue and greens below him.  I have to confess it made me catch my breath a bit.  We watched as a family as he free falled down to Earth and then watched as he righted himself and opened his shoot.  We were amazed at how perfect his touchdown (not sure if that is the correct terminology) and he just walked a few steps before dropping to the ground.  The whole 5+minutes of the fall were amazing.

But then I had to stop and think.  The man just fell 23 miles from the sky.  His family watching, the world watching.  And he just did it.  Yes, he had a few set backs, weather, equipment etc..  I can only imagine the weight of the world he felt as he fell.  It was a big step...not only for himself, but also for the people of this world. 

He chased his dreams.  Not granted my dreams are not to plument 23 miles with only some material slowing me to a stop on the Earth.  But I do have dreams.  A lot of them.  And the thing about achieving your dreams is...it is not always easy.  There are set backs.  People watching.  Some people hoping for the bad and some rooting you on for the good.  Now granted, being grounded here on Earth does provide a bit of a safety net and none of my dreams are actually life threatening, but still they are a big step and require me to step out on simple belief that I will succeed. 

I have to ask myself, am I willing to just step?  Just to take off, take that step and start falling towards to my goal.  I am.  So thank you Felix for giving me a bit of hope and motivation I needed today.  I may not be making a big as step as you did 23 miles above Earth, but still in my world, they might as well be.  So Felix while you celebrate with family and friends this afternoon.  I will be working on jotting down my goals and working on meeting them head on.  I may not be jumping as you did, but am taking a big jump in my personal life.  Thank you Felix and godspeed.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Some times life isn't fair

Well I always enjoy a good curve ball that life throws my way, but sometimes, they are just aren't that great! I have spoken about this because to be honest I was really upset.  I mean, REALLY.  And if you know me, you will know I am not one to get that upset about stuff.  I mean, I may have a tantrum or two, but to feel borderline depressed is just not my thing.  But here it is in a nutshell.  We moved.

So much for the big pretty house.  Sigh.
She sold it.  We were to live there while repairing Mr. Looks Good in Wrangler's credit.  Then have the option to buy.  It was to be our forever home.  So apparently forever was really quick!  Three months.  I hadn't even finished UNpacking from that move. 

So we went house hunting.  Finding NOTHING!!  We did find a duplex with really sweet landlords.  And we have our lease in hand (a problem we had with the nice house lady) I haven't lived in a duplex in ages (okay so like 20yrs) 

The kids call it a cave.  We only have four windows.  The garage is in the front (hey I still have a garage) and the front door is to the side of the garage.  The two bedrooms upstairs each have a window.  Weird going from a house full of windows to only four. 

For all intents and purposes, this house serves us better.  The living room is HUGE.  We still have a fireplace.  I think every place in Lubbock has a fireplace.  We have a large dinning room and the best... a HUGE kitchen.  REALLY huge kitchen.  Trust me, I am VERY happy about the huge kitchen.  The other one bugged me!  We have two large bedrooms upstairs and two bathrooms.  And one VERY large finished basement with a closet downstairs.  The boys (all three) sleep down there. 

The place is dated.  Built in 1972 and I don't think it was EVER updated!!  Some kind of funky cloth wallpaper that refuses to be removed.  Brown carpet (barf) and marble looking with gold glitter cabinets in the bathroom.  The landlords are VERY willing to let us do work here and take it off the rent.  Speaking of, we now pay less so that is a huge help. 

My first project is the kitchen.  I will take before and after pics as I work on the house.  But first I need to finish unpacking.  I am determined to NOT leave boxes in the garage.  And thankfully I am almost done!

While we were looking we could not find anything.  Of course the day I sign the lease, we see places pop up everywhere.  Sigh! 

I threw myself a nice pity party, but decided it wasn't worth it.  I lived in a nice house and realized that house, although nice, had its flaws.  Practically white carpet and kitchen.  No grass in the back yard.  And weirdly, Mr Looks Good in Wranglers NEVER felt at home there.  Here, he does.  He seems so much happier with this place.  I am enjoying the lower amount of maintance and I know I will live in a "nice" house again.  But until then I will take what I am given and make lemonaid (with a splash of vodaka.)