Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mo' Living

First and foremost I know it has been a bit since I have blogged, but sadly the computer keeled over and I had to send it in.  Thankfully Michael and Best Buy took care of us and little Samsung laptop is back in the Jimerson-Conner estates.

So with that said I have two blogs to post, but I won't do them both today! Aren't you happy???  This one is the most important (to me anyway) so I am starting with it, then will do the other one later.  (its about my bed!!)

So here is the deal, the low-down, the whats shaking.....a year ago on September 1st a good friend of mine was killed in a motorcycle wreck.  I didn't find out until the 14th of September.  I was heartbroken, crushed....I spent the day bawling.  I also bought a fish named Mo who later was found dead (this past May) in the air filter.  I should have been a better friend to her.  She was a dear to me.  She would call, chat, text funny things.  I still miss her.  A LOT!  Her name was Modena Dollison.  Mo for short.  Which is why the fish was named Mo. 

So onto this year.  I have a lot going on in my life. Feeling a bit out of control and not grounded.  I REALLY hate this feeling.  One of things I know to be a factor is my weight.  It's not like any big secret I am a big gal.  I buy my clothes, look in the mirror..I know what size I am and how big my thighs are, my butt is and yes even my boobs (even though having big boobs is awesome and I get free beer..but that is a different story! LOL) So don't act shocked when I acknowledge I am a fat girl.  Medically speaking, I am morbidly obese.  Doesn't that sound pretty?  I am pretty sure they took the two most horribly sounding words and stuck them together so fat people would feel shamed for being fat.  I am not fluffy or thick....I am fat.  There is no other way around it.  Pretty words does not make the stuff jiggling off my body any prettier nor does it make those pant sizes any smaller.  No Rue 21 for this gal.  (I am not even sure at 40yrs old I am allowed to shop in there! Lol) 

Almost 5yrs ago I lost 80lbs.  That is a big number.  I was so proud of myself.  I felt great.  I felt amazing actually.  I could bend my knees.  I could get on and off the floor  I could live and breath.  I was still overweight but getting that much off of me made a huge difference.  I was also that size when Mr Looks Good in Wranglers met me.  I PROMISED him I would never be this size again (a size he never knew me at)  and yet here I am...just 20lbs away from that weight I promised him I would never be again (when he saw the pics) but worse, I had promised MYSELF I would never be here. 

So yesterday, on the one year anniv. of my learning of Modena's passing, I have started my "Mo' living" program.  Simply put, I want to live more, feel better and heck....look better.  No body whistles hey baby to a fat girl...

I downloaded the loseit app.  If you want to be my friend on there I am under  I went to the gym and walked and did better than I expected and I am off to do the same thing today.  I feel good after walking.  Amazing how that effects you so quickly!

So just so you know there will be weight loss posts on here.  But still my opinions, my humor, my thoughts and my crafts.....

So the Mo Living Goals:

1.  Be a Wal-Mart (Save money. Live Better.)  this means more eating in and hey, who know not only saves me money but is healthier for me!!
2.  Drop a skinny person.  I want to loose 100lbs in 1 year.  That is about 2lbs a week.  Small steps, small bites.  I got this.  I am just looking at the 2.....not the 100.  That is a big number and I don't like big numbers. 
3. Hang myself out to dry--I am going to post on here so may be SOME ONE might be inspired or better yet be my cheerleader and help me win this!

I may add more goals, but for right now...those are plenty enough. 

Okay enough rambling...but for now, I hear my teenie shoes calling me.  They want to go walk. 

Here is a picture of me working out!