Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I have something to say

I am already sick and tired of the pro and con gun propaganda that is sweeping our nation. On December 14, 2012 twenty six children and adults lost their lives to a crazy young man. Sadly, we may never know why he did this. 

My facebook page is filled with gun control issues. I have seen quotes by those who say the children got the best Christmas gift ever, meeting Jesus. We have the Westboro idiots thanking God for his judgement, but all I can think about is those families. 

Having buried a child a Christmas, I can assure you they probably would rather have their child then hear about how exciting it is their dead child is at Jesus' birthday party. My guess is they want to hear their laugh, see their smile, hug them once again. As they lower their child in the ground they are probably not thinking about gun control but are feeling their hearts, their lives, their very beings breaking into a million little pieces.

I am not saying gun control issues, school safety issues etc...dont need to be addressed. But as a nation can we please for once, not make it an issue just yet and simply love these families. Can we stand beside them, pray for them, bow our heads just for a moment in grief and not use this opportunity to fuel our new lastest agenda??

I already know the answer, but just once it would be nice if people came first. If love came first....


  1. I remember tht Christmas when you had to burry that sweet bby boy with all of that beautiful dark hair. He looked like an Angel. If anyone has the knowledge and the right to speak on this subject, you do! I have not burried a child, but I agree with every word you wrote! Thank you for sharing!