Monday, August 13, 2012

If your life here!!

First let me say, I will try to catch my typos and spelling mistakes...may or may not happen! LOL

So I happen to have 700+ friends on Facebook.  Yes I know I need a life.  But hey, it is what it is.  Some friends are fun.  They post funny pictures and things in their life.  They make me smile.  Some friends are upbeat.  They offer good days and well wishes.  Some friends just post those annoying "click to share" type pictures.  I just scroll through.  Some friends post well....down in the mouth type things.  I have to confess, I generally don't respond to them and most often than not, I will eventually delete them if it becomes a recurring theme for them.  Why?  Not because I am unfeeling or don't care, but because I choose to surround myself with happiness, upbeatness (see I made up a word) and positiveness (probably another one there too!) 

So your life sucks....well this is for you!

You have a choice because here's the deal.  You only get this life once (unless you believe in reincarnation but you might come back as a dung beetle) so yeah, I know YOLO (you only live case you haven't heard of the song)  But really that is it.  You don't get any do overs.  No going back to your teen years, or your twenties.  No replays of the good times while fast forwarding through the bad.  This is it.  These days are your days.  You get the same seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years I do.  But it is up to you how you plan on living them.

So your job sucks?  Well go find another.  I don't want to hear your excuses.  NO, really I don't.  You know why?  Because YOU can CHANGE it.  Get an education, look for another job, something about it.  Honestly, you can throw excuses at me all day long and I am going to give you a rebuttle to it all.  Just because you hate your job doesn't mean it is going to get better.  So YOU better figure out a way to do something about it.  It's real simple, either change your job or your attitude.  Yep...YOUR attitude. 

So your love life sucks?  Well you have a few choices...If you are dating/married/shacked up with some one who makes your miserable.  Leave, get out, move on.  Yeah, it will hurt, but let me tell you the person making you miserable is the way they are.  Granted a person can change a few things, but overall....they are what they are.  I love Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers, but here is a little bit about him.  He has never bought me a gift and in four years only two cards.  I bet some of you fell out your chair.  Yep, no gifts, but let me clarify.  I am able to go out and purchase something if I want it.  Around Valentine's day he bought me a red VW Bug.  I needed a car so it wasn't really a gift but it is as close as I get.  For our 4yr anniv. we moved to this awesome house.  Granted we were looking to move, but moving cost money...I tell you all of this to say....I could cry and moan over the fact I am not having flowers delivered or gifts to unwrap.  I really could.  Never a birthday gift..NOTHING.  But instead *I* choose to focus on the fact since I have been with him, my life has gotten nothing (gotten nothing...redneck talk for ya!) but better.  Mine and my children's lives are amazingly better than they were four years ago.  So if your guy or gal is not making you happy this is what you do.  Either focus on the positive and forget the negative or....move on..find another guy or gal.

So your money sucks?  Well look at the job one.  DO SOMETHING to change it!  Easy as that!!  No really....get off your hinny and change the way things are. Hey but keep it legal.  I don't want any one coming back to say "she told me to rob a bank"   

I personally believe in positive thoughts, vibration, energy...whatever you want to call it.  But there is a little secret (about The secret) you need to know. You have to be willing do something.  I could sit here and say "I am going to win the lottery"  I can be as positive about it as I want be but if I don't get my keys, get in my suburban, drive down the block to Valero and actually purchase a lottery ticket, I am not going to win. 

So send out your positive thoughts but be sure to give them something to bounce back on.  For example, you want a new job.  So you light candles, do your thing, send out positive thoughts.....also be sending out resumes and filling out apps.  Don't get me wrong, I believe you could bump into the right person to get you on your way, but you need to do a little leg work to help get those energies going for you.  Your perfect job may not know you exist unless you send them a resume.

So here is the deal.  Quite bitching about your life and do something about it.  No one wants to hear it.  (yeah, pretty cold, but that is human nature) Quit making the world miserable around you and go out and change your circumstances. Choose things that are positive to say.  And then SAY them.  Even if it is hard for you to believe, they will come true.  Also be willing to learn and try new things.  You never know where the next bit of awesomeness will come from.    And remember life is not one gets out alive!

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