Monday, August 27, 2012

Things I learned on the First Day of School

For many people, especially in Texas, today is Back to School day.  Stay at home moms across the state are groaning to the sound of the alarm.  Children are decked in their new threads.  Some children can't wait to see old friends while other children (such as my son) are going into a new place and will be making new friends.  College students are learning to responsible for themselves and are having to answer their own alarm clocks.  They are not only having to locate classrooms but buildings as well on a new campus.  They are now mixed in with people from different areas of the world as well as U.S., different ethnic groups and social classes.  For many the little bubble of their world has been popped and they are now among those who are out on their own for the first time.

There are a slight few who are like myself.  We are the grown college students.  We have children to send off to school, bills to pay, books and tution to pay for--for ourselves.  We are not only getting a young one or two up for school but ourselves as well.  We are used to socializing with different people from different walks of life, but we are on new ground when going back to school.

Here is what I learned today from my first day back to a new campus/college I might add, so Jacob wasn't the only one who was new. 

I learned:  I need to get up at least 15min earlier than I did today.  The school is 40min away, not 20 like Mapquest said it was.  (thankfully I actually learned this last week) Traffic was crazy for west Texas.

  I have learned four hours of sleep is not enough and Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers may have to get himself ready for the week instead of my helping in the middle of the night.  (who am I kidding--I am going to get my kiss before he leaves!)

 I have learned the buildings are actually further than they looked on their little map. 

 I have learned wearing new shoes when discovering I have to walk further than expected is NOT good.  Even though I have had the shoes for months, but just never wore them! 

 I have learned I am still probably the oldest in my class. 

 I have learned to take a snack with me because I am freaking hungry on Mondays and Wednesdays when I get out at 12:30, even if I eat half a bowl of grape nuts before I leave the house.  (Why do they call them Grape Nuts anyway??) 

 I have learned trying to use a round ceramic brush to blow dry my hair needs practice and should not be done on the first day, especially when the brush gets stuck in my hair and it takes five minutes to get out. 

I have learned my pants' zipper slides down, most likely as I step out of class and my shirt is all bunched up.  So I have to walk juggling a fancy notebook and a book bag trying to be discrete in zipping up my pants. 

 I have learned I probably shouldn't drink anything in the mornings because after hiking across campus all while trying to break in new shoes and zip up my pants and FIND the class room will not yield enough time for a bathroom break.

  I have learned the fancy notebook I spent good money on, is totally useless and will not be going back to school with me. 

 And lastly I have discovered the weight of college level texts books greatly increase the further you must carry them. 

I have learned a lot today, but the biggest thing I have learned?  Forty year old Freshmen need a nap on their first day of school.


  1. Bless your heart sister I commend you for braving the likes of young girls who say like too much!! Hope you have a better second day of school!!!

    1. Thanks hon!! It was a good day, I was just tired. Tomorrow--Chemistry! Yikes!

  2. girlfriend you change plans faster than I change clothes, I thought you were taking a year off from school? What changed your mind?