Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Story of Mia

We are the proud of owners of a registered Scottish Terrier.  Her name is Mia Bluebird.  Which is stupid, but that is her official name.  I am not exactly sure what I would have named her but we call her Mia or Me for short.  She has been a lovely addition to our home.  Well at least I think she has....not exactly sure about the rest of the family but regardless she is here and here is how she came to be:

Most women have the baby bug.  You know where you are begging and pleading for another baby.  A human one that is.  You dream of holding a newborn while looking at baby clothes for a human that doesn't exist yet.  You smell other's actual baby humans all the time wishing you had one as well.  It doesn't matter if you have twelve at home and holes busted through the walls and four of them on drugs and two pregnant....all you know is you want another sweet little tiny human with no hair who cries often as well as other bodily things. 

Um, me?  Not so much.  Don't get me wrong.  If Mr Looks Good in Wranglers and I were blessed with a little pasty white, vein showing, conehead tiny human we would be glad.  But we actually enjoy teenagers and have NO desire to start over.  (by the way, we would have to invest in self tanner because my children are biracial and have a nice tan.  New tiny human would be P.A.L.E. and not match) So instead of the baby bug I get the puppy/kitty/small reptile/rodent/I just need SOMETHING now bug. 

It all started at Wal-Mart.  My daughter and I pulled up and there was a basket of cute little Scotty puppies.  The dad was there and he was lovely.  But the puppies were adorable.  I did not have permission (yes I actually ask permission before lugging home some other creature who requires food and doctor visits etc...I like my cushy life and do not want to mess it up!!) nor the extra funds to purchase said Scotty puppy.  I pouted a little....I mean they were that cute! 

I kept an eye on craigslist where I saw Scotty Puppies for sale but when I went to call, the ad was gone.  Poor sad me.  I looked into getting another dog or puppy.  Was even approved for a bloodhound but she was over two hours away and was a bit more puppy than I was wanting. 

Then one day while looking through craigslist I spied the ad.  It was like a light from heaven shown down and I saw it, "Free Scottish Terrier"  Hello??  It is the dog I want and at a price I love---FREE!! 

Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers was not thrilled but allowed us to go and "look" at the dog.  We piled all the kids (looking like orphans of course) in the suburban and headed over to this lady's home.  She had two Scotty puppies, the dad and Mia as well as an English Bulldog.  Through conversation we discovered the puppies were in fact the ones we saw at Wal-Mart.  The bulldog decided to whoop on Mia and she held her ground.  Mr. Looks Good actually looked pretty ticked off the whole time but petted on the dogs as did the rest of us. 

The lady's husband had died three weeks earlier.  And Mia, loved escaping and then killed a neighbor's chicken.  We were told she was not very lady like and an outside dog.  Mr. Looks Good just looked at me with THAT look (not sure what the look is exactly, but it's not good)

We agreed to have a family meeting and started walking towards the front door.  Mia padded along to the door with us.  Several times during our visit the lady would call Mia and Mia would look, but not come.  I would call her and she would run right towards me. 

I spoke to the lady a bit longer, while holding Mia to allow the family to get out the door without Mia escaping.  Then I loaded up and we left.  I knew things were good when we left, headed the wrong way from home.  We had our family meeting in the suburban all agreeing, Mia belonged with us.  Let me add, Mr Looks Good agreed, but it may have been defeat.....he was living with a woman with the puppy bug.........

We called and turned around and picked up Mia.  She loved riding in the car.  And we have now had her for a few weeks.  Here is what we know about her.  She walks all cute and girly like, but then I think that is how Scotty's walk.  She will have accidents in the house if you don't stay on top of her.  We stay on top of her.  She will leave the house/yard if allowed.  (she has gotten out twice) We know she has to be brushed out often and bathed once a week.  She gets dirty easy and tangled quickly.  I don't think she cares, but when you have stinky dog in your lap, you do. She knows where the dog treats are kept and will go in the laundry (secret treat harboring room) and then look at you as if by mind control will you to get up and get her one or two or a hundred. She may be short but she is able to get onto the middle of the table in about .05 seconds.  Her best time by far.  And she has super powers and is able to pick trash out of the trash can without knocking it over.   But the biggest thing she LOVES the jeep.  She puts her little snout out and lets the wind blow back her giant eyebrows.  She loves seeing cars pull up beside her.  She is most certainly a Jeep dog.  After her first ride we brought her in and throw a tantrum wanting back the Jeep. For the most part we are quite pleased with our Mia girl.  Who doesn't love a cute little Scottish Terrier?

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