Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Christians

This is my letter to all the Christians out there in light of the Chick-fi-la crud.

Dear Christians,

On August 1st I saw you out in droves around the local CFAs, even the one at the mall was packed.  I know some of you there were there in support of Free Speech.  I get that.  However a good portion of you were there to support "biblical marriage."  Well let me just is nice of you all to finally stand up for something.  Sadly, it was a chicken sandwhich.

I think of all the things Christians could en masse join together for and you chose a chicken sandwhich.  Really? That is the best you could come up with?

You couldn't all come together for abortion, poverty, hunger, drugs the list of sins goes on.....And yet you really for the santicy of marriage. rallied together for court costs and a piece of paper.  You couldn't join together to and spend the average $20 (for a family if not more) for stopping abortion or donating to a food bank for some one in need?  You couldn't spend that money to help fix a neighbors home or put the homeless off the streets?  Instead you gathered up your suburbia family, hoped in the SUV and drove to CFA.  You turned  your head away from the protesting gays and waited an hour or so for chicken sandwhich.  That was your idea of helping your fellow man? 

I remember once when I was a kid and a tornado went through our small town and damaged a few homes.  It was a Sunday morning.  When word got out we were at church.  My father (not known to be generous with money) grabbed me out of Sunday school.  He and another man were all who were willing to leave church and help out some families whose homes were damaged and needed immediate repair.  Out of all the good God fearing Christians...a church full of them infact, 2 men and a 6th grade girl who were all who went to help.

This CFA thing reminds me of that.  All the good Christians are glad to help a cause as long as it isn't hard and they benefit.  You got a chicken sandwhich and waffle fries out of the deal.  You were able to sit in your air conditioned car and listen to music and wait.  How hard was that??

WWJD?  Do you remember the bracelets and the phrase?? I do, they were everywhere.  So let's apply this cute little catch phrase to the whole CFA thing.  Umm, well I don't think Jesus would have been waiting in line at CFA.  I am just guessing, but based off of scripture, the people he chose to hang out with were not those considered the best in society.  Tax collector, prostitute, leper, heck even a dead guy.  So I am gonna go out on a limb and guess Jesus would have probably not even been near the CFA and if he was.  He would have been out with those feeling hurt....offering compassion instead of $5 for a chicken sandwhich. 

So dear Christians....if you want to be a light unto the world.  Start shinning.  Right now, a few of us don't think you are too bright.  Start walking the walk instead of flapping your lips.  Go do something Christ like.  Start with Love...  love your neighbor.  By the way, this extends further than the guy next door.  This means all your neighbors.  Your community.  Your world.  This means people who are not like you.  This means the poor, the black, the Asian, the guy who is from the middle East.  Oh which reminds do realize that is the area Jesus was from.  He wasn't a white guy.  This also means the drunkard, the druggie and yes even the gay.

A person who is tired of all the CFA crud.

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