Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Pocketful of change

So as we all know by now today is the day to support Chick-fi-la.  People have come out in droves to buy a chicken sandwhich.  Police have been needed to direct traffic, lines are long and families are all waiting for a sandwhich and waffle fries.  In my neck of the woods, there have been protestors holding signs and protesting the establishment.

Here are my thoughts...for better or for worse..for who cares and who doesn't....

First of all is the establishment of marriage and what it means today.  Eons ago when people "married" they expressed their intent and followed the customs of their people and culture.  Whether they were bringing over some sheep to give the dad for the price of the daughter, having a ceremony with a woman they didn't know and their parents had set up when they were toddlers.  Some men simply took the woman they wanted, others asked the father or the tribe elders.  Through the years there was not a government establishment of marriage.  It was what it was. 

Then marriage changed.  Government stepped in.  You know had to have a piece of paper to say you were married.  There is the legalities of name changes and proper ceremonies.  And now we have people bickering over whether or not two guys can get married or two gals.  Basically they are argueing over some court mandated fees and a piece of paper.

Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers and I are not "legally" married.  I refer to him as my husband as it is easier than explaining we are two adults, committed to one another and who live in the same household.  For all intents and purposes we are married.  I don't need the court, government official or bible thumpers to disagree.  They can't change my heart or his.  We are both pretty stubborn. ;o)

Next, we have corporations.  Most, if not all, major corporations send money to organizations.  Some support veterns, others gay rights, some the church, some United Way....the list is long and goes on.  It is a tax right off first of all.  They give away money or in order to decrease the amount they must pay in.  Simple as that.  Secondly, they support what they as a board of directors believe in.  Just as a family we do.  And I am sure your family does as well.  You may give to the SPCA, the church, etc...  You give where you feel like you think your money will do the most good. It is what you believe in and makes you...well you!

So Chick-fi-la gives millions to support a biblical family.  Do I agree with this?  Nope...not at all.  But you know what---we live in a FREE country.  (at least today it is!!)  They have that right to support who they want.  Just as another company has the right to support who they want.  They are not mandated to give to certain organizations..they give to who they want to support.  It is no big secret Chick-fi-la is a Christian based business (although I argue the biblical Sabbath is not Sunday, but Friday at sundown....anyway...)  The company has proven their business plan works...they make money.  Apparently enough money to be closed one day a week when all the others are open. 

I am appalled people are surprised to learn they do not support Gay marriage.  Shocker!!  But again, did I mention the whole "we live in a free country thing?"  Feel free to eat a chicken sandwhich somewhere else.  You don't have to eat there...again..freedom comes into play here. 

So the bottom line for me is this...I don't boycott Chick-fi-la simply because I never eat there anyway.  I don't like their food!!  I don't care for their sandwhiches and I don't like pickles and when I ask for cut the pickles...the pickle juice is still on the patti and thats just nasty.  I do support gay marriage, just as I support straight marriage and interracial marriage.  The piece of paper doesn't change the fact people love each other.  It doesn't make them any more committed. 

So while you wait in line with the gazillions of other American's to get your chicken sandwhich, I will be home, saving myself some money and enjoying a pickle juice free dinner.  I may have some gay friends over, well at least a couple of bi women.  I will continue to be shacked up with my honey and consider myself his wife.  I will continue to teach my children love and not hate, but also this country may have a few quirks but freedom is still the base line of the foundation of this nation.  And here is the simplicity of it...if I don't like who or what a business supports...there is another business out there ready to take my money. 


  1. I agree! I'm so tired of all this chicken shit... well chicken comments and postings :)

    ~ Heather Garner Hykkonen :)

    1. To my neighbor Heather, sorry sister...sometimes I just can't help my passions!! Don't worry, I'll be back to my regular political stuff tomorrow! Love ya!!

  2. Victoria,

    I simply love your blog!! You are so very talented in getting your point across and an amazing writer!! Sometimes I can't help my passions in posting but as a small business owner I always take notice when the gov't wants to "shut down" or stop the progress of business due to personal beliefs! That being said I believe you said it most elequently by if you don't agree...don't buy the damn sandwhich!! =)

    Keep on doing what you do!!!!