Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ode to Baskets

I love baskets. Probably a bit too much, but I love them. I use them for a lot of different things and in a small house it is essential. Well at least in my small house it is. The nice things about baskets, they fit in places where a shelving unit or dresser or a piece of furniture just won't fit. I have baskets, on shelves, in closets, under chairs, behind chairs, under bedside get the picture. I even have baskets lining the top of my cabinets for decoration, but if I needed to---I could use them. They are just my favorites and I don't want to use them. I am in my living room right now and on my bookshelf I have two baskets. 1) because they help decorate the space and 2) to hold stuff!! DUH!! One basket holds all my dogs toys which are covering up some electronic stuff I haven't gotten around to moving. Previously the basket held movies and before held something else, but I just don't remember. The other basket is smaller and is used to hold cards..playing cards. I am not sure how we ended up with so many decks of them. Now they are all neatly tucked away. In my tv hutch, I have another basket to hold more card games. Again, it adds visual interest as well as great storage for UNO, Phase 10 and who knows what other games we have in there.

One of my favorite baskets is this one:

It stores all my cami tops. I used to be under this great chair, but now the chair has moved on and the basket is located in my closet. I don't have enough space in my dresser or room for another dresser, so the basket works great. I simply grab out which cami I want and put it on. Because I don't dry these in a dryer, I hang them in my closet to dry. Once dry, I quickly fold, turn around and back in the basket they go. Ta-Da! Before being moved to my closet, it hid under the chair. No one really ever saw it, and it was quick grab and get when I needed a cami.

My room also has a basket for craft items, cd's, current reading, the list goes on. They have served me well. And for a small space, I am better able to use the space I have available for those items which do not need large amounts of storage.

I buy my baskets both new and used. Under my bathroom cabinet I have an ugly pink basket but thanks to spray is now black. I think I paid $1 for the basket, so not only am I able to orgainze quickly, but also cheaply as well. And who doesn't love a good deal. When I am out and about I simply keep my eyes peeled for a basket and if it is the right shape for what I need, then home with me it goes. And if it happens to be ugly, out comes the spray paint, and wah-la I now I have a pretty basket.

Now, I must warn, don't go crazy...too many baskets and you have a bit of tacky going on. Buy good looking baskets (or make them that way) before putting them out. Just because your space is small does not mean it needs to look like Wal-Mart's Easter Basket aisle threw up in your home. Don't gather all your baskets in one spot, unless you are trying to make some sort of statement and look around for places to stash a basket or two. Under the coffee table for magazines? By the front door for a catch all. Under the bed for shoes or what nots. Hidden away in cabinets with spices or lids or whatever contained....okay--so maybe you can go a little basket crazy.

So how do you use your baskets? Do you have baskets? Which one is your favorite??

All hail baskets and small home living!!

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  1. Ok, now that I have a few minutes and hopefully a few more brain cells firing in unison this morning I thought I'd take time to leave a comment about my own baskets issues.
    I began my basket collection back in college many MANY moons ago with several handmade split oak baskets crafted by Herb Wages. I believe he was from Arkansas but did craft shows in Texas. I have four. I should gather them and take a picture for you sometime. I also have three rattan baskets in the office where we store batteries, stationary, and tape.
    I have a round vintage laundry basket that someone had painted blue years ago... I bought this one at a church garage sale for about $3 I think. We use it as our dirty clothes hamper in our room. I also have a dark, natural oval laundry basket that sits atop my Shabby Shae cabinet housing fabric and two fabric bins/baskets in that cabinet doing the same.
    I also have numerous white plastic baskets in various places: kitchen cabinets, pantry, dresser drawers, and laundry room shelves. They are VERY handy.
    Oh I also have an old Bath & Body basket they used for display.... also holding fabric scraps at the moment.
    Oh and I also have two baskets that were my grandmothers... Nanny... both in my closet holding various things. I enjoy and cherish my baskets.