Friday, April 20, 2012

Fail, Epic...Fail

It's not like any big secret I live in a trailer.  I do. It is how it is out here.  If you find a home you are lucky so you take what you can get.  With that said.  I like to have a little fun out here.  I have jokingly said I would put up pink flamingos.  Okay, so I do have pink flamingo lights, they just haven't made it "up" yet.  Hmm...better find a guy to work on that for me this weekend.  Would be nice to have my little lights going while we grill. I digress.  Now to my fail.

Last weekend we went to Stanton (Texas) to "Ole Sorehead Trade Days"  and yes that is what is really called.  You can buy all sorts of goodies and we did.  One of them was a recycled golf cart tire turned into a Toucan.  I would have bought the pink flamingo but Robert wouldn't let me buy one on Saturday, so when we went back on Sunday I had to settle for the toucan as all the flamingos had found a home.

Now the nice thing about West Texas is all the open spaces.  But with wide open spaces comes NO trees.  Okay so there are trees out here, just not like there is in Central Texas.  We have one small pine tree in the yard.  I'm just so happy to have a tree I don't care what size he (or she) is.  And because we live in a trailer we do not have some place to hang up planters.  No rails or decks with roofs that type of thing.  We have to improvise. 

Today I visited one of my FAVORITE stores...Hobby Lobby where I purchased a "shepard's hook" for hanging plants.  Of course the one I have is much cuter than a plain ole iron shepard's hook. 

So I had Alex water the spot (ground is hard when it's dry out here) and put in my hook.  I love it!  I planted my little plants in my toucan and hung him.  Then watched the pole bend....and bend...and bend.  AGGHHH  The toucan is too heavy!  So I know have a random hook in the yard.  (which I will fix this evening.  Dang, I have to buy another plant.  Makes me so sad! LOL)  Meanwhile, I have a planted toucan to deal with.  There was a hook hanging from the roof by a previous tenant..just dangling away while I discuss the quandry with Alex.  I ask him to see how sturdy it's sturdy.  So for the moment the toucan hangs off it.

Ugh!  I do call this blog Trailer Trash, but not because I actually intended to look like we live trashly (is that even a word??) But to show you can do and make a nice home with whatever you have.  A tent, rv, big fancy home, or even a trailer such as I.  So now, I have to get with my men folk and decide the best way to hang said Toucan.  And in this picture you can't even see the pretty little flowers.  As I said...epic fail.  *sigh*

I did have a few left over plants...oh wait, let me back up and say....what a pain it was to plant the flowers in there..  a rounded bottom makes for a pain in my hinny planting..but I got it done.  (or should I just say, I "got er dun")  So here are my left overs...all nice and cozy against the stairs.

Right now our little deck needs some love....or some one may need the ER if it decides to go....I have no idea how old the deck is...poor little deck.  My plan, once it has been fixed is to move it off, clean out very well underneath, add lattice except for the far side no one sees but me and Jacob (the official yard waterer) to hide my plant stuff and some other stuff we have stowed under there.  So please pardon that mess.  It is a work in progress around here. 

Hmm...not off to figure out what type of plants I want to hand on my pretty little hook!

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