Monday, April 23, 2012

A fun project

Okay, I am gonna be real honest and say, we probably saw this on Pinterest.  If you don't know what Pinterest is then I beg of you, stop reading and start clicking!! I love Pinterest.  It is a great site to showcase your favorite things, your company, your e-biz, whatever.  And it's an even better place for people like me with no orginal thoughts (or it seems) to get brilliant ideas to decorate a home with or to exercise with or cure cancer or whatever bits of internet info you have been dying to get your hands on.  Okay...back to the project.

We went to Wally-World looking for a plant (see previous post about my epic fail) (which by the way I did find a pretty little hanging basket)  Lynsie, my wonderful daughter, found the tinniest, cutest little succulants.  We LOVE succulents here...LOVE.....I mean love.  Did I mention love?  But hey we do live in West Tx and well ....succulents are our gardening friends!  Lynsie wanted them for her room, but didn't want to put them in a typical pot.  I mean, who wants plants in a normal pot?  So we headed to housewares. (okay, actually first we went to electronics and then over to grocery and we may have slipped through the craft area as well BEFORE heading to housewares)  We are looking at really neat white bowl, but the bowl is white. Bleh...down with the white bowl.  We don't like white bowls around here.  White is too boring for us.  (but honestly, would have been striking with the succulents)  And Lynsie asks, "Can we plant them in wine glasses?" 

Now, before you start your grand quest for wine glasses let me point out...they have small openings? mouths? Not sure what you call the part you drink out of.  So we chose goblets instead.  The opening? mouth? was wider and they were heavier...which is NICE. 

So now on my table sits a little row of succulents all planted in goblets.  Lynsie likes to watch the water roll down the sides when she waters them.  We probably should have put a few rocks at the bottom and then the soil, but hey...we got them in there and planted.  We will just becareful of the watering. 

So here they are, because I know you have been waiting to see them!!

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  1. Cute idea although I'm not sure at the moment if I'm going to take offense to the "no white, WAY too boring for us" commment. I LOVE me some white dishes. I guess I'll look passed it. lol