Sunday, June 30, 2013

A love story

Okay, so I haven't blogged in f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  Maybe I will do better?  Who knows.  But in light of July 5th being our five year anniv. I thought it would be nice to get our love story down on paper....well, not really paper.

Five years ago, I had a profile on an internet dating site.  So did some one else.  I was a working, single, mom.  I was not interested in having a guy as in having a relationship, but I was looking for someone to have fun with.  I had gone fifteen years not really having fun and by golly, I wanted to have fun. I wanted to go dancing, hang with friends, do all the things I felt like normal people did. So I was looking....for fun, not love or someone to be invading my space.

I normally would not give out my phone number unless asked.  We were sending messages back and forth and it was getting time for me to go to work, so on a whim (and a good gut feeling) I sent him a message with my number, at the exact same time he was having computer issues and had sent a message asking for my number.  I don't even remember any more if texted during the day, but I assume so.  Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers is currently snoozing or I would ask him if he remembers. 

On July 3rd (the day I gave him my number) we ended up talking on the phone for four hours straight....until he fell asleep while on the phone with me.  He was sweet, nice and a gentlemen.  Insert little heart thumps here....

I had to work on July 4th until 11:30pm.  As I walked out of the door of work, I called him.  We talked from then until 6am.  He drove around Bryan/College Station while chatting with me.  I sat outside watching the moonlight flitter across the lake I lived on. We chatted about everything....and then some.  Again, a total and perfect gentleman and I kept thinking wow O wow!!

On July 5th, I headed to work on about 2hrs of sleep (I had been up all night talking on the phone!!) He drove up to the big town of Marlin, where I worked, to meet me.  I was a nervous wreck.  He had sent several pictures and one of them was extremely unflattering and I was terrified he would look like that one picture.  But in the other pictures he was a cutie. 

He had texted to say he was where I worked, so I snuck a peek of him out the door before he saw me.  I can still see him in his blue and white striped shirt, denim shorts, baseball cap strolling across the parking lot.  I went over to one of my cashiers and gushed, "Oh my god he's actually cute."  I tried to act all nonchalant but I was turning flips on the inside.

We chatted for a bit and then I clocked out for lunch.  We walked out into the parking lot and I did the one thing I do. N.O.T. do........I reached up and planted one him.  Big ole kiss.  He wasn't arguing.... *swoon* I really don't do that...just plant a big ole kiss on some random guy.

We ended up going to a friend's house for a party after grabbing a bite to eat.  Again, another night of very little sleep. (Mr. Looks Good in Wranglers just got up and asked what I was blogging about.  I told him our love story....then I got the "what the hell?" stare down.)

The next day was Sunday and I worked and then we took the kids to the Falls on the Brazos to play in the water a bit.  We had a great time.  The boys were in love with his Dodge pick up truck that tires with flames as the tread print.  We all seemed to get a long.  He and I hung out that evening and he left out the next morning.

He was great.  A weekend guy.  He danced, he laughed, he was social.  And even better, he went away during the week so I was able to not really deal with relationship.  But some where along the way of having fun we fell in love.  What???

I cannot say our relationship has been easy.  There was one point where I actually broke up with him (on my birthday) because I had started dating another guy.  The problem was, Mr Looks Good in Wranglers was my best friend and I didn't want to loose that.  Eventually, I dumped the nice guy and committed to Mr. Looks Good...

We moved in together and went through plenty of bumps with blending families, life and crazy work schedules.  I must say, I am truly blessed.  Doors are still held open for me, I get groped on aisle three of the store (and aisle four, five and get the picture) I get the hand in the small of my box as we walk through a door.  He holds his hand out for me, as I hurry my short legs along to catch up so we can hold hands.  He still makes me laugh.  I get dances in the kitchen, or the living room or wherever. He works amazingly long hours to give me all the things he thinks I missed out on.  We still have fun.  Lots of fun.

And I am looking forward to plenty of years of more fun.

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